Taiwan Starry Sky

7" heavy textured 2 day single

Red center blue purple petals and white splash

Strong, medium, full bush

by Linda Lee


  • 2 lb
  • Sold Out

UV Radiation

7" single

Neon violet pink petals

from red star center

Strong, big and full bush

by Matt & Barbara Martindale


  • 2 lb
  • Sold Out

White Diamonds

4-5" ruffled and tufted mini

Lavender blue petals with white splash, purple halo

and white band and rays from small pink center

Medium upright bush

by Bob & Wendy Collins


  • 2 lb
  • Sold Out

White Pride of Hankins

Miniature 5" double

White petals with varying peppermint streaks

Vigorous upright bush can be grown as standard

sport of Pride of Hankins


  • 2 lb
  • Available
  • Shipping March 26th through May 15th