Heavenly Rainbow

8-9" Ruffled Single

Lavender petals with

pink ring and white edge

Huge upright full bush

by Matt & Barbara Martindale


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Ian's Sunny Fellow

6-7" double

Orange petals with

yellow edge and rays

Full medium to tall upright bush

by Todd and Janelle Alvis


  • 2 lb
  • Available to order
  • If ordered by Saturday will ship the following week.

Jolanda Gommer

Large fancy 7-8” single

Deep red eye with purple

tan and orange petals.

Medium upright full bush.

 Hendrik Gommer


  • 2 lb
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Lion Tamer

7” single

Rose eye blue halo and golden rays

onto brown and golden petals.

Vigorous upright tall and full.

Matt & Barbara Martindale


  • 2 lb
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Luk’s Dark Inferno

Show winning 7” single.

Medium to dark brown

with red center and rays.

Strong vigorous bush.

Chris Luk/Hibiscusplace


  • 2 lb
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