Great to be back up and running after a few extremely difficult weeks.

We appreciate all of you for your good wishes and prayers.


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Thank you so much for your business and friendship over the last 26 years. We have made so many great friends in the hibiscus world, from Russia to Ukraine to Europe to the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, Tahiti, Israel, Panama, India, Paraguay, Suriname, Saipan, Brazil, Hawaii, Canada and all of the US. And so many more places. What a wonderful opportunity we've had to meet so many great people who love beautiful blooms.


This will be our last major offering of hibiscus plants. Most of the varieties listed will not be available from us again. Although we will still be offering plants it will be very limited. We will not be offering nor taking orders for a big spring crop at the end of this year or beginning of next year as we have in the past. It has been a great privilege for me to provide something to you to bring a smile to your face and heart.


All of our plants are either grafted onto sturdy rootstock or are own root varieties with vigorous enough roots to ensure an excellent root system for rapid growth and blooming


Our plants have multiple branches and an average height of 16" or more depending on the variety


Specializing in Tropical Hibiscus since 1991